?Do You Project a Winning Attitude

Successful people think like winners. They approach life with the confident expectation that they can solve any problem that arises, turn any situation into a positive advantage and achieve any goal that is important to their success. Winners share some general attitudes that are basic to success.

With practice, anyone can incorporate these attitudes:

  • Winners think positively. Winners habitually face the work of the day with the purpose of covering what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done. They always expect to succeed because they have detailed plans for overcoming obstacles. When they do meet roadblocks, they know instantly how to react.
  • Winners are willing to pay the price. Winners do not expect to get something for nothing. They are willing to give the time, effort, creativity and money necessary to achieve their purposes.
  • Winners are willing to make a personal commitment. When winners undertake the achievement of a goal, they immediately commit to success. They know they will stick to their purpose until it is realized. Winners will not try a course of action for a few weeks with the intention of abandoning it if it turns out to be difficult. They make a definite choice and then commit themselves unalterably to following it. They make it work.
  • Winners accept responsibility. Winners exercise initiative; they do what is needed because they are personally responsible. They acknowledge their mistakes or failures and learn from them.
  • Winners expect to succeed. They live with positive expectancy. They understand that their attitudes constitute self-fulfilling prophecies. The powerful goal-seeking activity of winners transforms expectations into reality.
  • Winners use their creative abilities. Everyone is born with the ability to be creative. Winners cultivate their creativity, exercise it and trust it.
  • Winners never quit. When winners choose a goal, their commitment to achieving it is firm. They pursue it persistently until they succeed.

Winners give thoughtful attention to the attitudes they choose because they know that attitudes produce behavior, and behavior determines results. Adopt a winning attitude and take a giant step closer to achieving personal success!
by Paul J. Meyer

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