Practice for Success

For every champion there are hundreds of others with just as much – or more – pure talent who never rise above mediocrity. Champions reach the winner`s circle through work. Working to achieve meaningful goals is the most satisfying and rewarding way you can spend your time and energy.

To become successful, choose to be one of the few people willing to spend countless hours preparing for victory. Achievements do not come spontaneously; they must be rehearsed. You must practice being a champion before you can reap the honors high-performance living provides. Put into practice these basic principles of success:

by Paul J. Meyer

  • Learn and master the fundamentals in your chosen endeavor. Ask an expert to evaluate your performance and offer suggestions to improve your effectiveness.
  • Condition and improve your mind and body every day. An organized plan and daily practice bring your dreams into reality. If you aspire to be a writer, for example, enroll in a writing course, or join a writing group. Above all, keep improving in your chosen area.
  • Work on weak areas until they become strong points. If you have difficulty with public speaking, practice speaking in front of a group frequently. Force yourself to speak up in class or in a meeting when you have something to contribute.
  • Add the element of competition to your practice sessions. In sports, practice against tough opponents. If an opponent isn't available, create your own pressure situations. While practicing your music in your living room, imagine yourself in Carnegie Hall flawlessly performing your selections. Visualize yourself at Wimbledon playing tennis instead of on your practice court. Your mind does not distinguish between real and imaginary pressure; it responds by preparing your body to meet the challenge.
  • Strive for perfection in your practice. True winners practice until each step, each phrase and each skill is exactly right.

When you set challenging goals and discipline yourself to work toward them, you turn your desires and dreams into reality!
by Paul J. Meyer

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